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This app is unusable. It sets an UNKNOWN passcode for each note created and does not let the note be opened without the passcode. There does not appear to be any “settings” in this app to correct this issue and there does not appear to be any tech support for it.


It set a passcode with out me setting it??


I’m used to an Android and now, against my better judgement have an iPhone. I went into play store to see what I had on my android. This AppStore makes this look exactly the same. So I pay and install thinking I would be able to sign in and access my notes. Nope. There’s no settings option and it doesn’t come close to the android version. And, it was also Free on the play store


It locked me out. I want my money back

Very disappointed

Without setting passcode it’s asking for it. Please let me know how can I overcome it

Not worth it for its price

Highly disappointed. A free NoteColor app has more options and functionality than an almost $5 app that doesn’t even have a backup option.

Waste of Money

Color Notes for Android is an excellent program. Syncs between devices but not Apple. This program does nothing. No settings no help no syncing. I could go on and on. Want money back!

Ridiculous! I want my money back

I thought this was the same as the “colornote” on my android and boy was I wrong! I can not do anything on it. No exaggerations here, absolutely nothing. I want a refund. I should have checked for the ratings. Now please, 2.1 rating, really? Why even have it available on the AppStore?


I demand a fix or a refund as well i didn’t even makes code and it locked me out

App Mis-Represented, Not same as screen Preview

Moved over from Android and was looking for Androids “ColorNote” this apps uses ColorNotes screen shots in its preview, leading you to believe its Apples version of “ColorNote” IT IS NOT. The App does NOT look like the Preview shots at all. Nothing about this App looks like their preview they represent, its creation of the notes and the way they appear on the App and the “strike through” the words when you check off as done is not true either. They use a check mark and it simply turns bold to mark off. Their screen shots (Preview) is that of Androids “ColorNote” and this App leads you to believe one thing and give you an inferior App note NOT worth paying 1.08 nor if it were free. At least use “Your Own” screen shots not that of another App! Refund will be requested or disputed.

Simple, but isn’t efficient

There should be a master lock updated with this app for users who cannot open important notes. Each note should not have an individual passcode. Can’t undo password lock please fix ASAP or refund

This App is Useless

I am used to using the ColorNote app on Android. Since making the switch to Apple, I was looking for an equivalent colored notepad app. This is not it. You cannot password protect notes which is a must have feature for me. There are no customizable settings so you can’t change font, theme, etc. This app is a useless waste of time and I want my money back.

Good app

Amazing Note

good app

good app

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